Customer Testimonials
Our impact resonates across the healthcare industry. We serve over 100 healthcare organizations. Here is what some of our customers are saying about us.

“We partnered with Anthelio to build a patient portal that would enhance the patient experience and streamline communications between the practice and the patient. During the project, Anthelio displayed a high degree of professionalism and knowledge to help us achieve our objectives on time and within budget. The PULSE Patient Portal generated excitement within the network that opened the door to many requests to implement this tool. Patients were very receptive and began using the portal immediately because of the user-friendly interface and the ability to communicate with their clinical staff. During the implementation phase, Anthelio was very impressive in how they supported the implementation team. There was a true spirit and partnership throughout the project and because of their dedication and hard work, the project was a success.”

Program Manager
IntegraMed Fertility

“It is our endeavor at Central Maine Medical Center to truly engage with our patients and to improve their experience and satisfaction across all touch points. We are excited to be working with Anthelio as they share our vision for overall Patient Engagement. Patient PULSE, Anthelio's patient portal, stood out from other solutions due to its ease of use, customizable experience and the ability to provide a 360-degree solution across all modalities while meeting the MU criteria. I am also impressed with the flexibility displayed by the Anthelio team and with their integration with the hospital team to deliver on this project.”

Chief Information Officer
Central Maine Medical Center

“I wanted to just take a moment and let you know what an Outstanding team you have. Your staff always goes above and beyond their daily duties whenever I have contact with them, whether it's a ticket that has been opened to adjust a 4Medica logic table or if it's a ticket that has been opened due to an issue I am having. Regardless, I am always treated with 100% respect.”

Laboratory Outreach

“Anthelio Healthcare Solutions has demonstrated exceptional subject matter expertise within the Revenue Cycle process at Star Medical Center. We believe they will be a valuable partner to help us streamline our business office procedures and practices. They understand the challenges and opportunities we face and with their experience, the surgeons are able to focus on quality patient care, provide the latest in surgery techniques and shorten the patient’s recovery time.”

Chief Executive Officer
Star Medical Center

“We are looking forward to our partnership with Anthelio Healthcare Solutions. Their innovation, creativity, and breadth of healthcare knowledge have impressed us, and we are confident they will help us take our patient engagement initiatives to the next level.”

Chief Information Officer
IntegraMed Fertility

"Anthelio IT Services are affordable, particularly compared to other outsourcing agencies that we have looked at. [They are] flexible in pricing and custom fit the services to what we need to make those more affordable."

Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Erlanger Health System

"When Comanche County Memorial Hospital decided that it was time to make a change in our Information Technology staffing we conducted a national search. From the beginning Anthelio was engaged and active with CCMH providing timely data and information. Many of their competitors failed to do the same and if they are willing to take the time when trying to land a contract how will they treat us when they do? The combination of pricing and services made Anthelio stand out and the selection process a lot easier to determine. They quickly proved to be a willing and eager partner from the onset of our relationship and look forward to a very bright future together."

Chief Information Officer
Comanche County Memorial Hospital

“Using Code Genie work queues, our coding supervisors review the feedback going to practitioners and evaluate how well coders are communicating the ICD-10 specificity requirements, thereby ensuring that practitioners find value in their feedback report cards. Physicians have commented how much they appreciate the information provided to them - both on their positive specificity trends and on opportunities for documentation improvement. They have not only gone back to review their own notes, but in order to support their colleagues they have openly shared their feedback in department meetings. Our hope is that through continued transparency and collaboration we are able to demonstrate continued improvement in ICD-10-ready documentation.”

ICD-10 Program Director
UW Medicine

"I was surprised at how quick and seamless the Anthelio service desk integrated our helpdesk function here at Karmanos into their workflow. We had a no surprise go live, which is exactly what you want for your end users."

Director of IT
Karmanos Cancer Institute

“The Anthelio HIM department continues to provide day-in and day-out value to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital. Not only does the department generate outstanding performance outcomes (worldclass chart delinquency rates, elimination of virtually all processing backlogs, etc.), but, over time, has become a valued business partner to the hospital. As part of our Baldrige journey, we determined that “building loyal relationships” was our strategic core competency- we are proud to have such a relationship with Anthelio.”

Chief Financial Officer
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

“The implementation of the PIE and Sunquest applications here at St Mary’s Hospital in November 2014 went smoothly. The job was well carried out and support provided by Anthelio was excellent.”

Chief Medical Information Officer and Hospitalist
St Mary’s Hospital

“I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to all at Children’s Hospital and Anthelio for a very successful go live with electronic medication reconciliation and discharge instructions on August 20th. As you know, this initiative not only is one part of meeting Meaningful Use requirements, it plays a huge role in improving patient safety. After months of monthly and many times weekly meetings between staff at Children’s and Anthelio, we had a very smooth go live. On August 20th, the whole team really worked together to work out the kinks to make it right. I did want to recognize a few people and departments that took the lead on making this happen. I cannot forget to congratulate the Anthelio applications team. I pushed them to their absolute limits during the month of August to ensure an on time go live event. They worked tirelessly and rose to the challenge. During the go live week, they were very responsive and effective. And they continue to work out the technological issues in relation to med rec. Now on to the adult world on September 20! Again, thank you to all who made it successful!"

Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Erlanger Health System

“Anthelio combined its extensive IT and hospital operations expertise to deliver a quality, cost effective readiness and risk assessment solution to NorthBay Healthcare. Their team was collegial and collaborative with our users and vendors. Whenever questions or concerns arose they were readily accessible.”

Senior Director, Revenue Cycle
NorthBay Healthcare

“Anthelio provides first class Integration Services. We needed a flexible solution to our Integration Service’s needs. Anthelio provides a high quality, high value service that enables Knapp to have access to scarce Integration experts to meet our ever changing information system environment. This capability will be especially important as we address our Meaningful Use and ICD 10 projects.”

Chief Information Officer
Knapp Medical Center

"ISE is an important component of our overall information security infrastructure. Deployment has enabled us to isolate wireless devices which need limited access. For example, using ISE we are able to prevent our EMR carts from accessing the public wireless network while allowing physicians to have the full access that they need automatically. ISE has worked so well for the wireless network that Anthelio is evaluating similar capabilities for our Nortel wired network."

Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Erlanger Health System

“On behalf of the staff at McLaren Macomb, we all would like to thank your team on their professionalism and dedication to accomplishing this process. It was truly a pleasure to work with you.”

Director, Material Management
McLaren Macomb

“It was a sheer pleasure working with Anthelio. They know the meaning of customer service and it shows in response times and actions.”

Director of Finance
Portneuf Medical Center

“I have only positive feedback on the Anthelio Legacy Archive Solution team.  Everything has gone very well.  Implementation team members have been outstanding.  It has been a pleasure.”

Supervisor, Patient Financial Services
McLaren Greater Lansing

"As a part of the IT management services provided at Saint Mary’s Hospital, Anthelio was instrumental in facilitating and coordinating the successful Paragon Physician Documentation implementation at Saint Mary’s Hospital. Their leadership and attention to detail made the implementation a non- event for our physicians and clinical staff.”

VP of Operations, Ancillary Care and CIO
Saint Mary’s Hospital

"The primary benefit that I see with Anthelio is the rapid response to clinical needs of physicians in the clinic, and if the server goes down,
they have a backup fast "

Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Erlanger Health System

“We are very pleased with the Engage product, the responsiveness of the Anthelio team, and the overall quality of service they have provided to us. Our administrative team is very impressed with the functionality of the app and how easy it is to use. This will be extremely helpful to our patients as they access their specific information from anywhere/everywhere,”

Vice President IS Division/CIO
Sarah Bush Lincoln

“As the Chief Medical Informatics Officers for Erlanger Health System, I have been assisting our health system in meeting Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements. I have been working closely with our Anthelio team on two of these objectives and wanted to share my thoughts on how well the partnership has operated. One of those projects is CPOE implementation and maintenance. Over the last year, we have significantly increased the usage of CPOE. With that increased usage, we have uncovered several process issues and changes that needed to be made in the system. The team has been very responsive to my sometimes continual requests for changes. If a change is not possible with the technology system that we have, the team can explain why not in a very professional and eloquent manner, that even I can understand. With this approach, I have been able to give feedback to physicians on their requests for changes which then allow Over the last few months, it has been a true pleasure to work with the Anthelio team to meet our Meaningful Use requirements at Erlanger Health System. I look forward to the continued collaboration and partnership.”

Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Erlanger Health System

“The Anthelio Revenue Integrity program has already started paying for itself after only a few short months.”

Chief Executive Officer
POH Regional Medical Center

"We are pleased to be continuing our partnership with Anthelio Healthcare Solutions. They have demonstrated exceptional expertise and reliability with regards to our technology needs, which are essential to providing excellent care to our patients and our organization."

VP of Operations, Ancillary Care and CIO
Saint Mary's Hospital

"Anthelio Healthcare is incredibly responsive. They have gone above and beyond on numerous occasions. They have pitched in and helped out with things they really had no responsibility for. They have definitely been a good partner. On numerous occasions, they have fixed things I didn't even know were problems. They have been very proactive about fixing specific issues because we have a local configuration and overall Paragon system issues. They have been very, very helpful."

Chief Information Officer

"The people I have worked with from Anthelio Healthcare have been stellar. Anthelio has sent me some dynamic people. They didn't pull any punches. They came in and found a myriad of issues in our applications while we were sitting here complacent, thinking things were okay. They came in and cleaned up a lot and brought in a really good mix of people to help us."

Chief Information Officer

"We have only been with Anthelio Healthcare a short time, but we are very impressed. I have received numerous calls from them regarding preventive maintenance, fixes we need to make, or things we need to do. They are very proactive about supporting their product. They flood me with input. Anything they give me I can tweak or change, and they will respond to that. They don't just dump a bunch of data on me. They give me meaningful data, and I like that."

Chief Information Officer

"The team members at Anthelio Healthcare were just really nice. Anytime I had a question on some of the coding or something they had done, they would get back with me. I would give them a call, and within 30 minutes I would hear back. I never had to wait very long for answers to my questions. It was the same for any problems we had. All I needed to do was give Anthelio Healthcare a call, and they would take care of the problem immediately. They were just very pleasant and really worked hard to maintain a good working relationship with our organization."


"Anthelio Healthcare did really well on their coding productivity. We rarely had to call them with any issues or coding errors from their end. In fact, they would help us by running coding audits on our in-house coders. They would send us sheets with important information on how our coders were performing."


"I have had no problems with Anthelio Healthcare ever since we started. I would recommend them highly to a peer or friend because every time we have a problem or concern, we call them and they get right back to us."


"Anthelio Healthcare's turnaround time and accuracy is another benefit of working with them, especially in terms of their coding. Also, I would tell a friend about how good they are with their problem solving in things that may come up."


"Anthelio's turnaround time is good, and they are very friendly. Their software is great, and their coding is on target. They pick up a lot of things that most people don’t; they go that extra step. And the reporting we get is amazing. We get daily reports about the percentage, and we can get reports on anything else we want to know, like who did what, how, how often. We can see the frequency of certain diagnoses. Anthelio just has all of their bases covered."


“I have worked with a number of consultants during my career, and they have nothing on you. Congratulations to Anthelio team. I was concerned about being able to make a decision in the timeframe we had, but you kept us moving along and even brought some humor along the way. Seeing your deliverables really showed me your commitment and professionalism. It's been a pleasure being a part of this project, and I thank you for all of your hard work. “

Advisor to the Board of Directors

“The ability to integrate multiple IT products into one access point, Patient Information Exchange (PIE) has also afforded Valley Baptist Health System a solution to telemedicine. Multiple vendor products were vetted, each with proprietary access and/or applications that limited the inter-operability sought for a regional and extended telemedicine solution for acute stroke coverage. The application of PIE to the process will allow access to and from multiple PACS and EMR’s. The inter-operability of PIE with multiple EMR’s and PACS will be used to create rapid interfacing with a variety of service areas, including rural/remote sites. Rather than requiring existing sites and future sites to align with a specific IT product, the Valley Baptist telemedicine system can expand to interface with an unlimited service area and a variety of partners with a minimum technical investment.”
Emergency Room Physician

“We could not have been successful without Anthelio. Their expertise in daily healthcare processes and procedures, coupled with their deep experience with electronic health record (EHR) implementations, were critical success factors for our clinical transformation project. In addition, their project management assistance shows their capabilities, scope and depth.”

Chief Executive Officer