Revenue Cycle Optimization

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Revenue Cycle Optimization consolidates financial and patient data from various financial systems to provide visibility and insights into the organization’s account receivables. The web-based application combines dashboards, standard reports and ad hoc reporting capabilities into a powerful analytics solution, making it easier for organizations to monitor and manage their accounts receivables. Organizations will save countless hours spent compiling, cleansing and mastering data, building and supporting interfaces and producing and distributing reports. Analytics empowers healthcare providers to reduce revenue leakage, increase staff productivity, maximize net revenue and accelerate cash flow. Revenue Cycle provides the analytics you need to identify revenue bottlenecks and manage reimbursement trends so you can focus your resources on what matters most - providing quality patient care.

  • Accelerate cash across the enterprise
  • Identify revenue bottlenecks
  • Reduce bad debt and understand its root causes
  • Enhance productivity with workflow tools
  • Guide business strategy by identifying service line profitability
  • Streamline monthly reserves

Product Value Propositions:

  • Executive dashboards
  • Operational reports for daily operations focus
  • Web based solution for easy access & monitoring
  • Role based security
  • Customizable as per client requirement
  • Use based preference selections
  • Industry focused KPI’s for hospitals & physician practices
  • Vendor neutral solution
  • Alerts & notifications for focused revenue realization
  • Benchmark analysis for industry focused growth

Available KPIs:

Physician Practices Hospitals
Aged A/R as a Percentage of Outstanding A/R Days in Total Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB)
Primary Physician Practice Operating Margin Ratio Net Days in Accounts Receivable
Specialty Physician Practice Operating Margin Ratio Aged A/R as a % of Billed A/R
Net Income/Loss Per Primary FTE Physician Cash Collection as a % of Adjusted Net Patient Service Revenue
Net Income/Loss Per Specialty FTE Physician Bad Debt
Total Primary Physician Compensation as a Percentage of Net Revenue Charity Care
Total Specialty Physician Compensation as a Percentage of Net Revenue Charity as a percentage of Uncompensated Care
Practice Net Days in A/R Uninsured Discount
Practice Cash Collection Percentage Total Uncompensated Care
Total Charge Lag Days Cost to Collect
Percent of Patient Schedule Occupied Cost to Collect by Functional Area
Point-of-Service (POS) Collection Rate Case Mix Index
Professional Services Denial Percentage

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