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Patient PULSE – The Anthelio Patient Portal

Educate, Engage & Empower Patient Population
  • Provide Your Patients the Most Comprehensive Patient Engagement Portal
  • Offer A Secure Communication Channel Between Patients And Physicians
  • Accelerate Meaningful Use Compliance
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction Across All Touch Points
Healthcare consumers today want online access to health information as well as their own personal health data, much as they access information for online banking and shopping. To remain competitive in today’s challenging healthcare environment, providers must meet this expectation by offering patients the much desired self-service experience. Additionally, healthcare provider organizations are under increasing pressure to utilize patient engagement technologies to comply with Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements.

Building the foundation for a successful patient engagement strategy can be a complex undertaking for any healthcare organization, but now there is an efficient, easy to implement solution―Anthelio’s Patient PULSE.

Patient PULSE:  Setting a Whole New Standard for Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient PULSE is a one-of-a-kind patient portal that is revolutionizing the way the industry views the functionality of portals. It offers a 360-degree approach to patient engagement with unprecedented ease of use, optimizing engagement across the entire care continuum.
  • Empowers patients to manage their own care through continuous engagement at the point of service, at home and on-the-go, leading to improved health outcomes and reduced costs
  • Offers a customizable EMR agonistic integrated patient portal with best-in-class return on investment
  • Provides a secure vehicle for patients to access health records real-time and interact with their healthcare provider anywhere, anytime
  • Integrates in real-time with any backend system to produce a single version of the patient's information across multiple channels ―online, mobile and point-of-service
Patient PULSE: Providing a Superior User Experience, Helping Patients Achieve Their Health/Wellness Goals By Enabling Them To:
  • Automate all transactions: scheduling appointments, pre-registration, check-in, bill payment, and prescription renewals
  • Access lab and radiology reports online in real-time
  • View a centralized up-to-date health record anywhere, anytime
  • Interact with the care team and strengthen the patient-provider relationship
  • Improve health outcomes by offering access to personalized health education material integrated with the care plan
  • Avoid negative health events by acting on reminders and alerts

Patient PULSE:  Providing Sustainable Value through Efficient, Cost-Effective Solutions              

  • Creates a foundation for accountable care
  • Improves staff productivity and operational efficiency, reducing costs
  • Builds patient loyalty and brand recognition in a competitive environment
  • Provides a comprehensive engagement solution that is HIPAA-compliant and fully Meaningful Use certified, accelerating MU compliance by providing the tools healthcare organizations need to facilitate communications with their patient community 
  • Features a fully customize user interface to deliver the same look and feel (logos, color scheme, navigation, etc.) as the provider’s website, building and reinforcing brand identity
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