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A platform for Comprehensive Population Health Management

What is Patient Information Exchange (PIE)?

Patient Information Exchange (PIE) empowers health care providers to transform patient care by providing timely data for care interventions and a proactive approach to patient care. PIE offers best in class solution to providers and patients eliminating delays in critical care and bringing down overall costs of care delivery.

Why Patient Information Exchange (PIE)?

Role-based security

Security management in PIE offers a flexible role-based security matrix. Access to protected health information is tightly integrated to the physician patient relationship allowing access only to those patients who have a relationship with the physician. A secure, detailed audit trail is provided for all activities within PIE. This provides greater security for physicians as PIE offers one source for accessing all hospital patient systems.

Data aggregation

PIE ties together patient information from disparate clinical systems and care settings to streamline delivery of real-time information for patient decision making.

Clinical & administrative data exchange

PIE captures and stores clinical and administrative data with views and report capabilities for each patient. Access to clinical data such as procedure-specific laboratory and imaging results are contained within the same patient encounter as the demographic, insurance, and guarantor information.

Performance management

PIE offers efficiencies by streamlining physician workflow and consolidating important patient information from multiple silos into one simple workflow. Offering a complete view of all patient information reduces duplicate testing and increases confidence that the information is credible, reliable, actionable, and balanced.

Reporting infrastructure

PIE includes report creation and graphing capabilities within the framework of the window panes. There is no need to download the data in order to create usable reports. PIE offers a reporting infrastructure to aid in reaching compliance with Meaningful Use.


Providers and other clinicians can share information across the entire healthcare enterprise and community physician practices. Information from various applications is presented in a discrete format facilitating a well-organized view of multiple data sources.


Anthelio's Legacy Archive Solution helps eliminate the costs associated with the upkeep of retired legacy applications, and enables rapid return on your investment through short implementation cycle, and by providing a simplified single pane of glass access to discrete, historical information archived from your retired legacy systems. These compelling offerings allow you to meet minimum regulatory requirements on data retention, while effectively controlling the cost of access and storage.

PIE makes Patient information ACTIONABLE Delivering our Promise of three "Cs" - Convenience, Care & Cost