Patient Financial Services

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Patient Financial Services

Unprecedented Healthcare Challenges

  • Ongoing reimbursement cuts?
  • Difficulty with implementing regulatory changes?
  • Increased risk of reduced payment or no payment?
  • Lack of experienced business office staff?

It is estimated that around
of all denials are preventable*

Atos can partner with you to offer cost effective Patient Financial Services designed to maximize your cash collections. Our experienced staff utilizes best practices and innovative technology to offer the following services:

Early Out Services - Self Pay and Insurance

Atos utilizes a team oriented approach to offer your organization solutions that are fully tailored to meet the needs of your Business Office. We can create a follow-up program in harmony with your policies utilizing input from your key personnel that will maximize your cash collections. Atos is prepared to resolve account of any age, from aged receivables to day one. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased and accelerated cash flow
  • Reducing the days and bad debt write offs of your Medical Accounts Receivables
  • Possible reductions of your existing overhead
  • Provides capacity for your staff to focus on collecting your most current AR
  • Creating automated workflows utilizing our best in class A/R management system
  • Automated statement and letter process
  • Transparent account transfer to Atos’ system and flawless integration

Data Archiving and Accounts Receivable Wind Down

You have an upcoming system implementation for which you have dedicated an extensive amount of time for your key staff and leadership team. Consequently, your days in Accounts Receivable are steadily increasing and your collections are on the decline. You also have the added pressure of retiring your legacy system. It can be a burden to manage your A/R and system implementation at the same time.

Atos' Data Archiving and A/R Work Down solutions provide you with a data archiving solution and a team specializing in A/R liquidation and expedited payment retrieval that:

  • Provides an alternative to internally working your post conversion A/R
  • Ensures cash collections remain at or surpass current performance
  • Allows your key personnel and your leadership team to focus on training and successful implementation
  • Decreasing your costs up to 80% by offering an active solution to data archiving allowing you to retire your old legacy system early.

Cash Acceleration and Aged Accounts Receivable Clean-Up

System conversions, key resignations of important staff, or unexpected illness or staff turnover. Any of these issues can reduce your collections, increase your A/R days and negatively impact your revenue cycle operation in the short or long term.

Atos offers you a remote, onsite or blended delivery model to help you in addressing your A/R. Our experts will analyze and prioritize your A/R then use our assortment of tools to collect your cash as swiftly and efficiently as possible. We will categorize your A/R by denials, payment delays, non-payments. You will receive feedback on these issues in the form of a monthly report.

Medical Billing Services and Business Office Outsourcing

Atos offers a Total Business Office Outsource solution to bill, F/U and collect A/R. When it comes to A/R collection performance many hospitals experience up and downs. Sporadic A/R cleanup may temporarily improve your cash flow but as time passes KPIs and days in A/R will start increasing to unacceptable levels. Atos works with our clients to establish A/R balance and cash flow goals. We also help key business office staff determine how to address the current staff.

Action Plan Development, Operational Assessments, and Implementation Assistance

This all-inclusive offering includes a report of findings that details the underlying reason for any specific performance issues, complete with a plan of action and suggestions for improvement. After the assessment is complete, Atos will provide a plan of action for improvement. This plan will include precise recommendations broken down by department in order of priority. In order to achieve an enduring solution, our professionals will collaborate with your key staff to implement the plan. We can focus on a specific area of concern of we can offer you a comprehensive assessment.

Denials Management and Clinical Audits

Denials are an everyday occurrence in today’s volatile healthcare landscape. ICD-10 implementation has caused an increased in denied claims. The window to appeal denials in very short and finding staff to deal with the denials created a loss of revenue. Atos' Clinical Audit Defense Team can assist during these tough times. Our team handles audits and denials, authorization issues, medically unlikely edit (MUE), Medical Necessity, Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC), and more. Our team also performs charge capture audits. We also have the ability to serve as an external audit compliance team.

Interim Staffing

Often time, cash collections are left to the less experiences staff while the more experienced staff is utilized for credit balance resolution. Out Credit Balance Adjudication program will enrich your operations by providing experienced staff, thus allowing your more experienced staff to focus on cash collection.

Specialty Services

Atos also offers the following solutions in addition to the services listed above:

Medicaid Eligibility Advocacy Services
Atos provides your business with a team of well trained and highly experience personnel with 1100 cumulative years in healthcare, insurance, and government social services agencies to serve our clients. We are well versed in the Medicaid process. Our team knows how to screen, revive and process uninsured account to recover reimbursement dollars