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"I like Anthelio. They are strategic, sometimes to a fault. Their thinking may be two steps ahead of the typical hospital way of thinking. Hospitals look at just getting a project done, but Anthelio looks at things differently. I get the sense that Anthelio understands the whole story and where the puck needs to be."
- CEO/President/Executive Director *
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Media Kit

Anthelio® is a driving force in the healthcare industry and is the largest independent provider of healthcare technology solutions to hospitals, physician practice groups and other healthcare providers. By provisioning hospitals in over 450 counties across the US with innovative solutions in the areas of IT, EHR, HIM, Patient Engagement, Enterprise Interoperability (EI) and Healthcare Analytics & Informatics (HAI) services, Anthelio impacts quality care to over six million patients. Powered by cutting-edge technologies and thousands of healthcare professionals with extensive clinical and operational experience, Anthelio drives high value for over 20,000 physicians and nurses in hundreds of healthcare organizations supporting their annual revenue of over $12 billion. Anthelio is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Visit for more information.

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