Revenue Cycle Optimization
Excellence in Patient Care & High Performance Revenue Optimization

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Anthelio is a single-source solution that offers end-to-end assessment of providers' key processes for proper financial counseling, charge capture, denial management, working A/R, reporting and analytics. Anthelio helps providers achieve an optimized revenue cycle process through an integrated approach, rather than a series of unconnected steps.

Why do Healthcare Providers Choose Anthelio?

  • Access to Anthelio's expertise across HIM, revenue cycle, coding, EHRs, CDI, and IT - ensures providers can operate their revenue cycle optimally and have access to the right tools
  • Use of "best practices" and the right solutions - With over 20 years of expertise on our staff we are able to develop, educate, and implement the best solution for your facility or medical practice.
  • Work with management to develop a strategy and a team to implement "best practices" and maintain optimization – Constant communication, education and training
  • Key performance indicators and dashboards for tracking
  • Physician education to strengthen documentation and medical necessity for services rendered

RCM Services

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