Revenue Assessment and Analytics

Revenue Assessment and Analytics

Unprecedented Healthcare Challenges

  • Lack of skilled coding resources, and staffing issues?
  • External audits/denials?
  • Implementing EHR and Meaningful Use requirements?
15 cents of every U.S. healthcare dollar goes toward revenue cycle inefficiencies*

Atos provides strategic consulting and analytics in the areas of HIM and Revenue Cycle. We provide a comprehensive assessment of key processes from the time patient arrives until the claim is paid. We also identify and implement best practices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue cycle.

Consultative Services

  • Atos provides strategic consulting and analytics to providers in the areas of HIM and Revenue Cycle.
  • Utilizes provider data and Atos' expertise to create a strategic data roadmap that aligns to providers' analytical vision while focusing on patient outcomes, operational effectiveness and financial health.
    • Based on Atos's assessment of provider's current analytical maturity
    • Rapid identification of current gaps - reducing the time to realized value
    • Use of best practices and tools most suited to the provider based on its financial constraints and analytical objectives


Revenue Cycle Optimization

Atos is a single-source solution that offers end-to-end assessment of providers' key processes for proper financial counseling, charge capture, denial management, working A/R, reporting and analytics. Atos helps providers achieve an optimized revenue cycle process through an integrated approach, rather than a series of unconnected steps.

Suite of Analytical Applications

Atos' suite of analytical applications includes the most effective interoperability platform, patient engagement framework, clinical portal solutions, physician documentation, clinical collaboration and analytics reporting to benefit the delivery of patient care. Atos has the deep domain expertise, knowledge and skilled/certified resources to address complex information interoperability, data access, data exchange, and data improvement.

RCM Services

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