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HALOTMClinical Documentation

Inadequate physician/clinician education?            About 500 million

Disruption to physician workflow and inability to  patient record entries are
achieve physician buy-in?
                                                      created that contain
Inadequate CDI staffing resources?
                                                       poor quality clinical


"Anthelio CDI physician training was excellent, and was even better than they had hoped for."

                                                                                                                          HIM Director
                                                                                                            Erlanger Health System

Take Your Documentation To A Whole New Level

Anthelio ensures that clinical documentation is accurate, complete, and compliant.

     CDI Program Management - Overall day-to-day management, staffing and operations of CDI Programs.
     Communicate with key stakeholders (executive leadership, physicians, HIM and other departments) regarding CDI
     metrics, physician engagement and any success/barriers to program outcomes.

     CDI Audit Services - Anthelio offers a thorough assessment by completing an audit of current documentation,
     which pinpoints missed opportunity, specificity, and compliance. A comprehensive ICD-10 audit identifies
     diagnosis(es), physicians, and services that will require more documentation specificity and utilizes that data to
     guide education services.

     CDI ICD-10 Physician Education Offerings - Customized physician education includes detailed chart audit to
     drill down and examine select physician’s documentation records in an effort to grow insights into the physician’s
     documentation tendencies and improvement opportunities.

Certified CDI  Quality Outcomes &                  Change Management
 Specialists    Revenue Integrity                      Best Practices


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