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RCM Analytics Genie

Lack of an integrated platform for clinical and                Doctors in the U.S.
financial collaboration?                                      leave approximately

Lack of analytical tools to measure data improvement         $125 billion on the
                                                             table each year due to
Siloed revenue cycle systems leading to lost opportunities?  poor coding and billing


“Anthelio's turnaround time is good, and they are very friendly. Their software is great, and their coding is on target. They
pick up a lot of things that most people don’t; they go that extra step. And the reporting we get is amazing. We get daily
reports about the percentage, and we can get reports on anything else we want to know, like who did what, how, how often.
We can see the frequency of certain diagnoses. Anthelio just has all of their bases covered.”


Suite of Analytical Applications

Anthelio's suite of analytical applications includes the most effective interoperability platform,
patient engagement framework, clinical portal solutions, physician documentation, clinical
collaboration and analytics reporting to benefit the delivery of patient care. Anthelio has the
deep domain expertise, knowledge and skilled/certified resources to address complex
information interoperability, data access, data exchange, and data improvement.

     Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI): Physician documentation feedback solution designed to educate and
     help providers through the coding process.

     Revenue Cycle Optimization (RCO): Consolidates financial and patient data from various financial systems to
     provide visibility and insights into the organization’s account receivables.

     Coding Compliance Insight: User-centered application focused on coding accuracy of reimbursement, compliance
     and overall coding quality.

303 users accessing   2,366 physicians                         45,870 specific
      the system     receiving feedback                      feedback provided


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