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Success Stories - How We Added Value For Our Customers

Anthelio’s comprehensive HIM optimization solution provided a large regional university health system with a detailed
roadmap to improve all HIM operations, coding, and transcription services. It delivered outstanding results, including
significant cost savings and enterprise-wide efficiencies enabled by the implementation of best practices. Anthelio
enabled the university health system to identify savings of $1.6M for FY14 and an additional $3.2M for FY15.

 Anthelio’s HIM department at a 222 bed acute care hospital, in conjunction with the hospital’s administration, has
 maintained a near 0% record completion delinquency rate for the past 4 years. This achievement satisfies HFAP/CMS
 regulatory standards for record completion.

Anthelio assisted its full HIM outsourcing customer, a part of a major multi-hospital healthcare system, in meeting
Meaningful Use metrics outside of the regular HIM contract. Anthelio has been supporting this customer in meeting MU
metrics since 2011 and has been instrumental in this customer’s ability to meet MU metrics to receive approximately
$7.2M in incentive payments over the years. This support included abstracting data for Stoke and VTE metrics,
converting ICD-9 codes in patient's Problem Lists to SNOMED codes and transmitting Transfer of Care Summary
Reports to providers.

 Anthelio’s coding team enabled a large acute care facility to successfully reduce their DNFC at the site from $107.2M to
 $30.6M, a decrease of $71.7M in just 22 days! Another Anthelio client, one of the largest NCI designated cancer centers
 in the country, acknowledged Anthelio’s coding assistance in helping to lower their DNFC from $212M to $60M, a
 decrease of $152M in just 60 days!

Through a partnership with a 220 bed acute care hospital, Anthelio’s staff has assisted the hospital in increasing their
overall coding accuracy rate while also reducing their overall coding turnaround time by 40%.

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