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HALO Coding Audit and

Is your coding compliant and profitable?                  An incorrectly reported
Insufficient documentation to support code assignment?
Lack of ICD-10-CM/PCS trainers?                         procedure could potentially

                                                           have a reimbursement

                                                        differentiation of more than

                                                                  $15,000 *

"Anthelio Healthcare did really well on their coding productivity. We rarely had to call them with any issues or coding errors
from their end. In fact, they would help us by running coding audits on our in-house coders. They would send us sheets
with important information on how our coders were performing."


Coding Audit and Education

Anthelio offers a range of audit options including concurrent, focused and pre-billed audits. The focus is on coding
accuracy both from a reimbursement standpoint and overall coding quality. Anthelio employees have an average of
12 years of coding audit and management experience with a minimum of 95% coding accuracy rate (and often

Why do Healthcare Providers Choose Anthelio?

    Our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements, as well as our understanding of the data integrity required for
    future planning, allows us to guide customers efficiently through today's ever-changing healthcare landscape

    Our goal is to partner with our customers to provide valuable feedback that ensures their coding is accurate and
    supported by documentation

    When opportunities are found, we work with our customers to tailor education specific to their needs

    We also offer a four phased, competency-based, e-learning program on ICD-10-CM/PCS

                Program is fully staffed and supported by AHIMA approved ICD-10-CM/PCS trainers as well as an
                AHIMA Certified ICD-10 Ambassador

                Our e-learning solution also offers an "Ask the Expert" option when specific training questions arise


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