CDI Analytics

CDI Module – The Physician Documentation Feedback Solution

CDI Module is a unique tool that allows physicians to collaborate in real-time. CDI Module has been designed to help providers through the coding process by collecting documentation improvement opportunities identified by coding, clinical documentation improvement teams and compliance professionals. It will also relay documentation opportunities as well as positive reinforcement feedback to providers. This education tool tracks and trends compliance with the new code set and communicates documentation choices in an interactive application to providers.

CDI Module helps providers with:

Specialty Specific Dashboards
Assess, educate, track and trend providers on the required documentation specificity

Clinical Documentation Improvement
Collaboration across multiple roles and reviewers to achieve CDI goals

Addresses Regulatory Mandates
Track coder's accuracy and competency to ensure compliance with regulations


  • With CodeGenie, real-time feedback assists physicians in the understanding of key coding concepts for timely documentation and accurate coding on a regular basis versus obtaining feedback sporadically. It can also tell physicians when a record has the needed documentation specificity.

  • CodeGenie enables physicians to answer clarifications from coders and clinical documentation specialists in an efficient and timely manner.

  • The ongoing training methodology allows providers to become proficient at the new specificity requirements thereby, easing the productivity impact and reducing the risk of reimbursement impacts by the compliance deadline.

  • It provides a universal learning environment whereby providers and documentation specialists can compare and collaborate, increasing their understanding of the new documentation requirements and provide positive reinforcement of their shared knowledge. This can serve as the catalyst to assist providers in understanding the impact ICD-10 requirements for documentation specificity.
  • CodeGenie provides collaboration pages for each provider. The reviewers can check the feedback that has been provided by each provider. This also facilitates a more efficient workflow.

  • It provides real-time code lookup.

  • CodeGenie helps reviewers tie documentation specificity requirements to feedback for accurate code selection.

  • The documentation specialists are able to see which providers require feedback and can see how often their peers are providing feedback.

  • The CodeGenie tool allows for benchmark comparisons and trending how the providers are performing over a period of time. It can compare a provider against his peers within a specialty or a facility, or against other facilities within the institution.

  • CodeGenie reports and dashboards enable administrators and medical staff to track the accuracy of the providers and coders.

  • Reports by specialty help identify the broader education needs and plan for specialty focused education.

  • CodeGenie monitors what is happening in the ICD-10 program as it relates to documentation feedback and allows for the program to aid critical decisions on an ongoing basis as to where to focus efforts.

  • The ICD-10 program directors can focus efforts on those areas needing attention for budget control and resource management.

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