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 Focused On Driving Customer Satisfaction, Strong
 Customer Relationships And Positive Outcomes

  FY15 Customer Satisfaction Scores Reach New Highs

    Each year Anthelio conducts Customer Satisfaction Surveys for CXO,
    senior, and mid-level employees.

    For FY15, all customer levels showed steady increases, including the
    willingness of customers to recommend our products or services to
    others. Scores were higher than ever before, indicating we are making
    good progress toward our goal of achieving the highest possible levels
    of customer satisfaction.

A Proactive Approach To Customer Relations

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is a critical component of our ongoing success. We strive to create high levels of
customer satisfaction by offering world-class solutions that provide sustainable value. We view ourselves as partners in our
customer’s technology endeavors, fully vested in their ongoing success. Our goal is to build a strong, trusting relationship with
our customers, meeting and exceeding their current needs with high value solutions while proactively anticipating their future

Building strong customer relationships and high satisfaction levels revolve around three key activities to ensure we understand
and are meeting customer expectations:

1 Regular meetings with Client Executives     Added over 35
2 Monthly/quarterly meetings with CEOs        new clients to
3 Key stakeholder strategy sessions        Anthelio’s Portfolio

                                                   in FY15

Whether onshore, offshore, onsite, or remote, all Anthelio employees
     are aligned as an integrated team to drive positive customer
        experiences, service excellence and sustainable value.
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