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FY15 Annual Report At A Glance

Healthcare Is A Technology Business

In today’s changing healthcare environment, virtually every aspect of healthcare is impacted in some way or another by
complex technologies. Driven by government mandates for patient engagement and more efficient coordinated care, as well as
the need for operational efficiencies and revenue optimization, the need for advanced technology will only increase in the

41% of health executives say the volume of data their organization manages has

grown by more than 50% in the last year

51% of physicians are using electronic access to clinical data to gain information about

patients seen at a different health organization

95% of healthcare providers say interoperability challenges limit their ability to

transfer data from one medical center to another

15%-20%Gross charges denied by payers has grown to an alarming  of the nominal

billing value of all claims submitted

             66% of U.S. health systems will offer self-scheduling by 2019

                                                                                                                                                      *accenture, 2015 Healthcare IT Vision Top 5 eHealth trends

Anthelio Is At The Forefront Of An Evolving Healthcare Market

Over the past year, our focus has been on addressing the deep challenges facing the Healthcare industry. We have extensive
 healthcare expertise at all levels of the organization, from the CEO to over hundreds of certified healthcare professionals on
 staff who have a thorough understanding of the day-to-day operations of healthcare providers. This knowledge enables us to
 not only meet customer service needs, but to exceed them by proactively anticipating future challenges and delivering
 sustainable, high value solutions

FY15: Delivering Sustainable Value In A Changing Market`

 In FY15, we remained committed to our mission and vision of providing comprehensive technology solutions that meet critical
 needs in today’s challenging healthcare environment. We are proud to be leading the industry in innovative solutions that help
 our customers successfully navigate the changing healthcare landscape while providing sustainable value.

      Our Mission                                         Our Vision

To provide a full complement of innovative        To be the recognized leader in technology and
healthcare solutions enabled through a highly     services that drive high value for healthcare
integrated technology platform that's powered by  organizations by solving complex clinical and
skillful people.                                  business problems while delivering high
                                                  quality and efficient patient care.
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