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As the leader in healthcare technology with a 16-year tradition AHSAR15_06
                                                of excellence, we are guided by the principle that excellence is
                                                a process of continuous improvement, not a destination. We
                                                will continue on our journey of growth and progress, dedicated
                                                to making tomorrow better than today, for our customers, their
                                                patients and our employees.

      The future of healthcare is dependent
      upon providing sustainable value that’s

“ powered by skillful people.

                                                                                               Asif Ahmad

       “CEO, Anthelio Healthcare Solutions Inc.

 Anthelio Healthcare Solutions Inc.
 One Lincoln Centre
 Suite 200
 5400 LBJ Freeway
 Dallas, TX 75240
 Phone: 214-257-7000
 Toll-Free: 855-268-4354
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