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                           CEO Message

                                       FY15: A Year Of Progress, Growth and Forward Momentum

                                                                                  Fiscal year 2015 was an exciting time for Anthelio. We made great
                                                                                  progress on our continuing journey of rebranding, reenergizing and
                                                                                  growing the company. Throughout the year, we remained focused on
                                                                                  our FY15 goal to GROW from the progress we made last year -
                                                                                  Garner success by capturing market share and delivering value;
                                                                                  Realize gains by being a reliable, trusted partner for our customers;
                                                                                  Offer optimized solutions, continuously focusing on improvement, and
                                                                                  Win because of our highly skilled, dedicated workforce. By
                                                                                  concentrating on these key areas, we created a strong foundation for
                                                                                  the future.

                                                                                  Customer satisfaction played a major role in our success over the
                                                                                  past year, and it remains a priority today. We recognize satisfied
                                                                                  customers drive our success. To that end, we strengthened our
                                                                                  commitment to service excellence by enhancing our client retention
                                                                                  efforts through increased communications, regular cadence of
                                                                                  meetings with client executives, key stakeholder strategy sessions,
                                                                                  skilled and knowledgeable staff, and cost saving measures. All of
                                                                                  these customer enhancements resulted in the highest customer
                                                                                  satisfaction scores than ever before.

                                                                                  A major FY15 achievement was the acquisition of Pyramid Healthcare
                                                                                  Solutions, greatly increasing our market presence and positioning
                                                                                  Anthelio as the market leader of Revenue Cycle Management and
                                                                                  Health Information Management (HIM) services. The acquisition
                                                                                  brought many benefits to Anthelio, dramatically expanding our
                                                                                  solutions in patient financial services and revenue cycle offerings, as
                                                                                  well as enhancing our HIM services. Additionally, we gained
                                                                                  Pyramid’s well-established customer base of healthcare facilities,
                                                                                  providing tremendous cross-selling opportunities.

                                                                                  We also had many key accomplishments in other areas. We
                                                                                  continued our aggressive marketing and sales activities, increasing
                                                                                  awareness of the Anthelio brand through visibility in national media,
                                                                                  public relations, social media and major industry trade shows, which
                                                                                  saw more activity and traffic at our booth than ever before. We
                                                                                  developed sales pipeline strategies that resulted in winning key sales
                                                                                  in the HIM arena amid challenging market conditions. We launched
                                                                                  Healthcare 101, a state of the art mandatory course through our
                                                                                  innovative Anthelio University to ensure our staff is aligned to the
                                                                                  dynamic transformation occurring in the healthcare industry, which
                                                                                  ensures that our staff understands the role Anthelio plays in helping
                                                                                  clients navigate this challenging healthcare landscape.

                                                                                  I am pleased that again this fiscal year, we are closing the year in a
                                                                                  solid financial position, focusing on fiscal stewardship, leveraging and
                                                                                  maximizing staff, and implementing strong cost saving measures,
                                                                                  which ultimately benefits our customers.

    I am proud of all we achieved in FY15, and I am excited about the road ahead. With each passing day, healthcare delivery
    becomes more dependent on technology, creating tremendous opportunity for us. Building on the great successes we had this
    year, we will continue our journey of progress, leading the industry in technology solutions that drive quality care while delivering
    sustainable value to our healthcare partners.


    Asif Ahmad
    Chief Executive Officer
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