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Empowering Our Employees To Succeed

Anthelio University: Cutting-Edge Training To Educate Employees and Support
Customer Needs

In FY15, we continued to grow Anthelio University. As a healthcare company, our employees should understand the dynamic
transformation occurring in healthcare and the role Anthelio plays in helping clients navigate this challenging healthcare
landscape. Therefore, our team of experts designed, developed and implemented customized training exclusively for Anthelio
employees entitled, Healthcare 101. This mandatory, state of the art course is offered through Anthelio University and has
received great feedback and success.

                                ICD-10 Skills Development -

                             total of 4,505 courses completed

Healthcare 101 - over 1,064                                      Required Compliance
                                                               Courses - completed over
  students have completed
                                                                  222,000 hours and
                                                                  over 5,000 courses

Business Skills                                                     IT Skills
 Development                                                    Development -
                                                               accessed a total
 - 258 books,
  72 videos,                                                      of 1,288
1,046 courses

Total of 1,397 students in Anthelio University over the span of FY15

         Total of 14,575 course completions, up 38% over FY14

Investing In The Growth of Our Staff                                 Investing in Employee Growth

Investing in employee development and training is a critical   Educational programs to build a highly skilled
aspect of Anthelio’s current and future success. We recognize  integrated team knowledgeable about the current
that to continue our role as the leader in healthcare          healthcare market
technology, we must have highly skilled, dedicated employees   Rewards and recognition programs to acknowledge
who understand the complexities of today’s changing            good work at every level of the organization
healthcare industry.                                           Employee engagement programs to constantly
                                                               communicate with employees to drive operational
                                                               prowess, innovation and service excellence
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