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  Building A Company Powered By Skilled,
  Dedicated People

   FY15 Employee Survey Scores Exceed Benchmarks and Reach New Highs

    Our employee survey scores far exceed industry standard benchmarks. Our average response rate reached a record high of
    87%, far above the benchmark of 70%. These ongoing surveys are a critical part of our employee engagement strategy, as they
    highlight strengths and opportunities for improvement for our engagement activities.

Feedback from our Most Valued Asset – Our People

Response Rate Record High - 87% Response Rate; Benchmark 70%
National Benchmark (n=133,857) - Anthelio Healthcare Solutions Inc. (n=1097)



           70%                                   TM             85%
56%                                                  68%

                       POWERED BY PEOPLE

Benchmark    Anthelio                                Benchmark    Anthelio
           Healthcare                                           Healthcare
            Solutions                                            Solutions

Engagement Capital                                   Culture / Values

Guiding Principles That Empower Our Success

In FY15, we continued our Powered by People who CARE campaign, reinforcing our core values: Competent, Accountable,
Respectful and Energized. Our CARE principles help ensure we are working as a unified team towards the same achievements
and are united in our efforts to be the recognized leader in healthcare technology solutions.

Competent   Anthelio is Powered by people who CARE


           Accountable Respectful Energized
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