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                               SUSTAINABLE VALUE THROUGH STATE OF

Anthelio earns Healthcare Informatics Top 100 Vendor Rating

Recognizing that healthcare is a technology business, in FY15, Anthelio remained focused on its core business activity of
outsourcing our end-to-end services, providing flexible, cost-effective IT solutions that enable and empower a provider’s existing
IT resources. Through our IT solutions this year, we were able to deliver a wealth of benefits and cost savings to our healthcare

» 40-60% CAPEX cost reductions through the use of virtualization and “as a service” offerings
» Creating Physician Documentation Templates –

       • Improved provider satisfaction and resulting adoption
       • Improved patient documentation for medical record completeness and billing justification
       • Improved speed of documentation and potential for increase in patient load
       • More time with patients and less time spent in documentation improved

Integration Services:                          Extract Transformation and Load (ETL) services
Empowering A Higher Level Of
Performance                                    Integrate real-time monitoring and service desk
In FY15, the IT department focused its effort
on the healthcare industry demand of sharing   Health Information Exchange (HIE) services for
essential data, improving interoperability     state and government mandated reporting
issues and reducing downtime. We are
pleased that our team of 100% certified
professionals with decades of healthcare
experience were successful in processing
over 500 million transactions that allowed
customers to:

 Our comprehensive Integrated Services maximized IT investments, providing
sustainable value in a changing environment while reinforcing our brand as the

                       leader in healthcare IT innovation and value.
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