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Infrastructure Services

Privacy and security concerns            World Health Organization
Cost of ownership for IT infrastructure
Operational efficiencies                 estimates up to 40% of
Infrastructure availability
                                              resources spent on

                                           healthcare are wasted 3

In this demanding healthcare environment, a robust IT operation can be a key strategic asset, helping
organizations master their own data. Anthelio empowers them with critical business information, actionable
insight and the business agility needed to continually drive and support delivery of quality care while
sustaining profitability. Anthelio offers a wide range of IT infrastructure services that are built on sustained
value, efficiencies and cost effective solutions.

Cloud Services

● Eliminate capital expenditure with flexible, on-the-fly expansion capabilities
● World-class, subterranean data center supporting both hosted and disaster recovery solutions
● Virtual, private cloud infrastructure providing secure segmentation of systems and customer data
● Fully managed redundant infrastructures provide industry-leading system availability
● Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) options allowing clients to expand as needed at lower cost
● Software as a Service (SaaS) options lowering total cost of ownership for EMR systems and hospital

● Fully monitored platforms with integrated service desk alerting and incident management

High availability subterranean data center

     World-class health information technology vendors for computing and storage

    Pay for what you use – servers, memory and disk


 Managing Over                            Managing Over

4,848                                    128

Windows and                               Storage Devices
Midrange Servers

“ ”It was a sheer pleasure working with Anthelio. They know the meaning of customer service
       and it shows in response times and actions.
                                                                                                       Director of Finance
                                                                                               Portneuf Medical Center
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