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Business Services                                                 80% of health IT leaders say

      Information system failures                                    their systems have been
      Risk of financial losses
      Disaster recovery                                                     compromised 4
      Federal regulatory requirements

Financial pressures, quality improvement mandates and a host of other complex issues make it difficult to
sustain profitability for healthcare providers. The ability to quickly adjust organizational processes in
response to these ever-changing conditions is critical for ongoing success. Anthelio’s IT Business Services
provide technology solutions exclusively designed for the healthcare industry. Our services include vendor
management, staffing, security, business streamlining, and much more. Transforming your IT investment into
a valuable strategic asset is the focused area of our business services.

Business Continuity Management

Anthelio conducts assessment and evaluation         Anthelio specializes in creating IT Contingency
services in                                         Plans for your organization to ensure that the
                                                    following emergency protocols are put in place to
• Hazards Vulnerability Assessments (HVA)           meet the requirements of Disaster Recovery
• Emergency Management Plan (EMP)                   Institute International (DRII) and ITIL/Service
• Emergency Operations Center (EOC)                 Continuity Management:
• IT Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
• Data Center Risk Assessment (DCRA)                                 • Mitigation action plan review

                                             ess                     • Business recovery plan

                                                                     • Crisis management plan

                                                  Cr • Disaster recovery plan
                                                                     • Emergency response plan

                                                                     • Restoration plan

                                                                     • IT risk remediation plan
Our team is certified to perform physical         Man             Anthelio provides training programs to
site assessments, such as geophysical                             help your team be well-equipped for the
risk, probability, and impact studies. Our                        future with:
IT Facility Assessment is designed to
meet the regulatory reporting standards:

• HIPAA HITECH      • HFAP                                        • ICS/NIMS
• SSAE 16           • TIA 942                                     • Audit attainment
• Joint Commission  • NFPA                                        • Operational efficiency
                                                                  • Emergency management training

Security and Risk Mitigation

Anthelio’s Information Security team is skillful with reviewing the physical and logical operating environments
of your hospital/healthcare system including but not limited to security assessment, vulnerability mitigation
planning, security policy review and development. We follow standards and compliance of

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