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Integrated Monitoring Solutions

● Embedded monitoring for all Anthelio provided managed services
● Real time, direct automated alerting to Anthelio National Service Desk with 24x7 coverage
● Full monitoring coverage for both customer premise solutions and remote hosted implementations
● Synthetic transaction capability for load testing and preemptive threshold detection and analysis
● Deep scan capability for HIS supporting database technologies
● Message scanning capabilities for thread optimization
● Error log monitoring and analysis for interoperability optimization

                                            Monitoring Platform

                                                                Customer’s supported application

                                                              Customer’s supported infrastructure

                                                                      Anthelio Managed Service

                                                                 Anthelio Managed Infrastructure

                      Anthelio National Service Desk

  Supporting Over      Managing Over                  Supporting Over

15,149                325                             2,162
         Voice Ports                                                Circuits
                      Toll-free Numbers

        We are pleased to be continuing our partnership with Anthelio Healthcare Solutions. They
        have demonstrated exceptional expertise and reliability with regards to our technology
        needs, which are essential to providing excellent care to our patients and our organization.

“ VP of Operations, Ancillary Care and CIO
              ”Saint Mary’s Hospital
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