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Anticipating Future Challenges

                             Patient Engagement Challenges

                                        55% of providers say  50% of healthcare professionals

                             they don’t communicate with         believe their job begins and

                                 patients between visits 7         ends during regular office visits 8


                                 76% of patients feel that

                             the use of technology to manage
                              their health has the potential to

                             actually improve their health 9

                             Conquer Your Patient Engagement Challenges

Educate. Entertain. Engage.  Comprehensive mobility solution
                                     Patient engagement
                                     Physician communication
                                     Wellness management
                                     Engage patients at the point of service and on the go!

                             Preferred patient education and communications mobile platform

                             Apps to engage patient at home
                             Real time patient tracking
                             Multi channel, secure, targeted patient communications
                             Real time integration with backend systems

                             Our administrative team is very impressed with the functionality of the app and how easy
                             it is to use. This will be extremely helpful to our patients as they access their specific
                             information from anywhere/everywhere.

                                                                                         Vice President IS Division/CIO IntegraMed
                                                                                                    Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

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