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AntheliOs™ World-Class IT Services Deliver A Wealth of Benefits and Cost Savings

● Reduced costs/greater profitability gained from IT  ● Highly trained, skilled and certified resources
    efficiencies                                      ● Adherence to regulatory and security mandates
                                                      ● A stable, reliable infrastructure, reducing outages
● 40-60% cost reduction through the use of
    virtualization and “as a service” offerings           and downtime

Healthcare Informatics Top 100 Vendor

 Over 2,800+                     Monitor and support    Support over
                                 proactive interfaces
real-time production interfaces                        4,029
 and 300+ FTP                                          databases

     interfaces supported

Over                                                       Designed and
                                                        interfaces between
end-user devices
serviced                                               350more than

                                 Support over          distinct applications,
                                                         including clinical
                                 4,848                      and financial

                                 and midrange


Anthelio IT Services are affordable, particularly compared to other outsourcing agencies that we have looked
at. [They are] flexible in pricing and custom fit the services to what we need to make those more affordable.

                                                                                     Vice President & Chief Information Officer
                                                                                                                Erlanger Health System

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